Monthly Archives: December 2010

And it begins to trickle in…

Hey folks,

I have my hands full with a couple of design projects this week, which is exciting stuff. I hope it’s the beginning of something good.

However, I’ll be back soon enough with some more samplings and experimentations. Do let me know via comments what you think.


It’s a Bird!

Well actually, it was a crane. And it landed in the backyard today, wings outstretched – looked around and then took off again. So, obviously I took it as my inspiration of the day and attempted to recreate the image as best I could for the last exercise of the evening.

So now he resides on the right (what do you think?), and will be welcoming you every time you come in for a landing.

Simple Series

Well folks,

I’m still busy experimenting away. But I thought I’d share with you a little set I call my ‘Simple Series’: wishing three different sorts of happy new years.

Hope you like them.

Internal Communications

So, ‘Internal Communications, eh? An Australian brand experience company, ABT, put this little nugget together:

Need a little help with your company’s internal communications strategy? I can help you review and consolidate your current strategy as well as assist you to create a new one designed to suit your company’s unique needs.

Need advice on how to make the most of current communications channels or create new ones? Or perhaps you’re concerned with employee motivation?

Again, I can help you find the ideas and solutions that will suit you best.

Oh, and I also do Power Point 😉

Baby Steps

In the beginning, there was no portfolio.
And Sophie said,
‘Aw shucks!’

But have no fear loyal supporters and faithful clientele – soon enough these pages will be populated with examples of what I’ve been up to with my waking hours. I’m still on the ‘learning by doing’ programme, and I hope that once I have somehow managed to create a showcase for my work, I’ll be able to pass on what I learn to you!

To recreate the image above try this great tutorial by My Ink Blog.

Starting Out


Are you looking for a solution to your current communication crisis? Need a brochure designed or a presentation put together in a hurry? Ask me to do it for you!

I can offer you 8+ years of experience in communications, and an innate sense of creative aesthetics. I have worked for individuals and multinationals across the world, learning from the best and keeping up with global standards of design and delivery.

As internal communications expert, I can help you with that Team Brief that needs putting together, the brand identity package for your start-up, the client presentation that’s due in 3 days and that brochure on employee engagement your chairman wants to share with the board next week.
In fact, together we can also sort out your employee events calendar, ensure that your communications channels are engaging your employees or clean up that communications strategy that got abandoned by the wayside 5 years ago.

As a creative individual, I can help you put together this year’s family newsletter, create those personalized greeting cards from your cat, or that funky header for your soon-to-be-world-famous website.

So what I’m saying is – no job too small, no challenge too big.

Email me at with your requirements and I’ll email you right back with a quote and suitable timeline.

Try me, the rates are reasonable, and the quality of work will speak for itself.