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Spring Has Sprung!


My very own daft bat….introducing Furzle the Fruit Bat. Something about him makes me think of my bestie…



Yes, designers shudder at its name while managers can’t do without it – PowerPoint!

I generally feel PP gets a bad rap, and here’s the reason why:

1. You

Take a look at this great presentation on mistakes to avoid. Please. Or get a hold of me, I’ll put your presentation together for you. It’s a useful tool for communication, but also a handy device for torture. Spare your team and do it right.

The World of Design Pt.1

As a newbie to the world of design I have to say I was completely floored by the time and energy experts in the area spend putting together useful tips, tricks and tutorials for those wading about tentatively in the shallows.

Online resources like Smashing Magazine guide you along and the sheer generosity (and genius) of people like Jay Hilgert at Bittbox and Chris Spooner at Spoongraphics, to name but a couple, is overwhelming and inspiring.

Looking for a contract template online today for instance – I was led to Andy Clarke on the stunning, and oh so helpful site, 24 Ways. Here’s a link to his fantastic article on putting a contract together for a design business. Andy, I’m so going to take you up on your offer to re-use/adapt this!

I do hope that within a year or so I’ll be able to add to the design community myself and help out the next generation of newbie.


Spring is here and our neighbours’ koi pond will be brimming with life soon. Inspiration is everywhere.

Thinking of the Pacific

Be safe everyone.

Breaking into Elance

Oh, don’t look at me like that – I’ve been busy!

Okay, fine – so I’m not the best for blog posts, but when it comes to actual work, I’ve been doing pretty well, I swear.

Fareen Effendi, over at World of Words, deserves a shout-out at this point since she’s led my procrastinating self to the shores of Elance where I’ve completed my first project. She’s been blogging up a storm about getting started on Elance and is quite a success story so do check her out at:

And do check out Hippocampus Magazine (my first Elance client) at where Donna Talarico has created “an exclusively online publication set out to entertain, educate and engage writers and readers of creative nonfiction,” and gave me the opportunity to contribute to this fantastic project by designing their logo.

Here’s the feedback from Donna:

“Designer was a pleasure to work with. She “got” my concept from the get-go and even made sure the design best fit my concept after I made a suggestion that wasn’t as suitable. She was a great consultant throughout the process. I was initially drawn to her because of her personal bid on the project, where other Elance service providers write cookie-cutter bids. This meant a lot to me. Her portfolio was filled with vibrant examples that really complement my own design choices, so she was a sure-fire pick for this logo job. She was ahead of schedule and went above and beyond to make me happy. I would highly recommend her services. ”


And now it’s back to the virtual drawing board for more corporate comms. assignments.