Blogging a Beginning?

Blogging is quite new to me and I’m wondering if it’s something I could start doing a little more regularly as a personal project. On one hand I feel that it may be a bit too ‘out there’ for me since I have a very erratic relationship with public/privacy issues. But, on the other hand, I finally have the time and the space at this point in life to take on some new and interesting challenges.

As always, a little background research doesn’t hurt, so that is Step 1.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there and as many subjects to focus on – so initially one has to figure out where to fall in the scope. My areas of ‘expertise’ (and I use the term loosely) would be things like internal communications, literature, creative writing and design to some extent I suppose, but do I want to focus on any one of these in particular? Could I offer anything new? In a virtual world with millions of voices don’t we need more people to just listen? Why would I want to blog at all in fact? Who do I think I am? Some questions to ponder over for the next installment methinks…

When I googled for blogs by British women I got quite a motley selection of articles (mostly out of date), like:

Which Women Bloggers are Worth a Look in the Guardian from July 2008 (meh…not too enlightening).

Some scholarly articles, but nothing earth shattering here either – unless the fact that the UK trend started way later than the British and American women dominate the blogosphere is news to you.

Finally, (in a more meandering sort of way) I came across Tea For Joy, where Lynne has collected a blogroll of the best of British, which I will now spend some time digging  through. At the tail end of the blogroll she has links to features she’s written about bloggers in Britain, so if you’d like to do your own digging that as good a place as any to begin.

My personal inspiration for any blog related creative burst has to be, without a doubt, the fabulous Amy Clark of Mom Advice. Here’s an interview with her on Blog Coach regarding her journey. Amy started off small, but even way back when, you knew she had the passion and the drive to Make Things Happen. You knew that when life gave Amy lemons she would not only make lemonade but create an international lemonade franchise, and she has done pretty much exactly that!

Here’s her advice on that very key factor, that may well prove the Achilles heel: self promotion.

So I’m off now, to look into this a little more and contemplate the whos, whys and wherefores. To be continued.


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