Sit a While

I love, love, love this chair from Bojka, a Beirut based company run by Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri. And I so wish I were a little more handy, the man is still holding on to the couches he bought twenty years ago, how I’d love to do them over!

‘Shabby chic’ has become its own little style I suppose, but just looking around, it seems a fine line between whimsically quaint and ‘tat’, as the man would describe it. I see some similar items in the UK online stores, but so far haven’t really been impressed by any that don’t carry a price tag to rival our mortgage (as is the case with most things here). And somehow, maybe its the desi in me, but I just don’t feel some of these price tags (i.e.£3,000 for a similar chair in London) are worth it for something that you should be able to drag out of the closet and make a labour of love out of for yourself. Hmm….




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