Made to Measure

I’m sure I’ve complained about nothing ever fitting me on this blog before, since it’s something I whine about a lot in life. Though I’m sure it does lead to my shopping a lot less than I’m capable of (cue husband’s sigh of relief here), it is a pain when you find yourself without a winter coat for the third winter running and anything and everything off the high street makes you look like a tween raiding momma’s closet. People on the other end of the scale (!) seem to have a number of options with numerous stores catering specifically to sizes larger than the ‘average’ – ever seen a store dedicated to the petites? Doubt it (but if you have PLEASE tell me where). Searching for sizes 4 and 6 in the UK is a thankless job – especially when each size varies greatly from store to store. So imagine my delight that someone far more mathematically inclined than myself has taken this problem on. Anna Powell-Smith, a freelance software engineer with interests including fashion hacking, cartography, data-journalism and open historical data wrote this article for today’s Guardian. Computer Programmer + Fashion Fan = A website to beat the sizing madness. Check it out thwarted shoppers.


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