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Watercolor Wonders

I do adore watercolours, and every so often (usually prompted by Pinterest) I’ll go out onto the vast plains of Google to track down some that make be happy. Yesterday’s find was so fantastic that I had to share the treasure trove with you. It’s the work of a brilliant illustrator by the name of Penelope P. Neal. Do check out her blog, linked below and her work, it’s all so lovely!

Fairy Wren

I had made a little pencil sketch of this lovely little fella earlier and thought I’d play around with it on Illustrator. He’s such a delight to look at that I wish I could find one in my garden, but they (Maluridae) are residents of Australia and New Guinea. Do look them up if you have an interest, they come in some wonderful, rather electric colours (so I haven’t actually done them any justice in my dark and humble version).Image

An Ideal Bookshelf

A combination of my love for all things bookish and whimsical painterly designs – is a fun project by Jane Mount. According to her site ‘Jane paints portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books: the ones that changed your life, that defined who you are, that you read again and again’ – how wonderful is that? And though initially part of a larger project, Jane now has an online shop and will paint your books or you can buy prints of other sets in her shop. Do check it out.

My Only Fish


Moving Horse

Quote of the Day

And We’re Back!

Back from a nice long trip back to the homeworld, which is where we got a picture of this little fella. This picture really encapsulates the heat and colour of Karachi for me – and the ubiquitous mynah with it’s cocky attitude really drives it home, so to speak.

Will share more findings from Pakistan soon, for now I’m busy holding on to the thought of 34 C temperatures while looking out the window at the chilly UK rain.