Watercolor Wonders

I do adore watercolours, and every so often (usually prompted by Pinterest) I’ll go out onto the vast plains of Google to track down some that make be happy. Yesterday’s find was so fantastic that I had to share the treasure trove with you. It’s the work of a brilliant illustrator by the name of Penelope P. Neal. Do check out her blog, linked below and her work, it’s all so lovely!


4 responses to “Watercolor Wonders

  • Penelope P. Neal

    You left one of the most lovely comment on my blog. Thank you! Thank you for such a gift! When I read a comment like yours, I feel like maybe I’m doing what I should be doing and knowing others find joy in my work is soul food! I can’t explain how much it fuels me. I haven’t fully explored your blog, but after looking at several posts, I’m loving it. And I love your design work. Thanks again for your wonderful comment, I’ll be back!

  • jammie

    Why cant I see any of your uploaded things??

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