In Memory

Sometimes the man of the house can be really thoughtful. He suggested that we plant a tree over our little friend’s grave to commemorate his short life. And so it was done. We decided to go for an apple tree, which will doubtless feed the birds as well as other tiny creatures, and we also got some lovely bulbs that will come out staggered over the spring months, helping the bees at their business – a little salute to British wildlife. And it is here that we lay down our little friend, and hope that we are fortunate enough to meet many more as life goes on.

3 responses to “In Memory

  • Jill

    That’s a beautiful memorial.

  • Irene Thomson

    Super idea and from reading your blog you gave him the best care you could. I volunteer at Warrington Hedgehog Rescue and also foster hogs that just need fattening up to release weight. I spent Saturday night listening to 3 I had just released and it was more fun watching the plants ‘moving’ that watching the TV 🙂

  • iamwatercolor

    Aww, that does sound wonderful! I’m trying to call/email the local rescues to volunteer for the same, but no luck reaching anyone so far.

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