Bliss: A Recipe


No Time for Sorrow

Einstein said that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Learn more about these amazing creatures and help ensure that we are never short of flowers in this world of ours.

Swimmin’ Together

I have a series of designs like this that remind me of tribal tattoos, but a little more organic. I love the simplicity of the style and the way a couple of wiggly lines can come together and make a picture.

I think it’s a nice idea for logos, where you want to be simple, quickly understood and easily replicated. I have a sample logo in the portfolio that works well in a similar fashion, and quite a few in my notebooks. Fun!

Siamese Fighting Fish

Remember these guys? At one point almost every little kid got a thrill out of having one of these gorgeous fellas in their fishtank.

Here’s their Wikipedia entry if you want to know more about these colourful (in more ways than one) characters.

Book Tree

Doodle from the other day.

Lovely Lilies

Because you deserve some flowers today.

Good Design is Simple

I have a tendency to overdo things. I work fast, but then don’t know when to just stop. Consequently the over thinking, over working and sometimes plain messy outcomes. It’s like when you stay at a party for that crucial half hour longer than you should have, and a perfectly lovely evening gets, well, messy is the word. So I’ve been trying to practice some simple designs  just for my own development,  inspired by the trends around us,in the few spare minutes I can manage.

Hopefully, some of the lessons and ideas will stick when it comes time to Do Things.



I’m about to turn 34 in a few minutes! 34!

I feel like a list should be made of things to do before I turn 35 – though I guess you never know what the coming days ever hold.

Like I don’t think I’d ever have thought at 7, or even at 27, that I’d be living in a little English village with an Englishman of my own and a little Lily-flower who takes me for long walks through woods and fields.

So let’s say c’est la vie and make a list anyway. Tomorrow. Unless the sun comes out and Lily wants to take me for a walk instead 🙂


These guys are just lovely in life – their wings in flight, flashing their distinctive bold black and white colouring, are just gorgeous to see. I remember them pecking around our back garden in Lahore many years ago.

I do miss them – and that garden.

Write a Letter


Just a random musing. A dear friend from school days emailed today trying to trace the whereabouts of a tape recording of a play we all did way back when. He had CCed other people from ‘back in the day’ and I added some more and the thread grew, peppered with exclamations and greetings and nostalgic recollections and news of births and marriages. And you know, it felt quite special. Like snail mail used to do. This also coincided with a trip to the village post office earlier so I think it’s all a sign to write more letters and send more e-mails, just to say hey old friend, I thought of you today and it gave me great joy.