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Starting Out


Are you looking for a solution to your current communication crisis? Need a brochure designed or a presentation put together in a hurry? Ask me to do it for you!

I can offer you 8+ years of experience in communications, and an innate sense of creative aesthetics. I have worked for individuals and multinationals across the world, learning from the best and keeping up with global standards of design and delivery.

As internal communications expert, I can help you with that Team Brief that needs putting together, the brand identity package for your start-up, the client presentation that’s due in 3 days and that brochure on employee engagement your chairman wants to share with the board next week.
In fact, together we can also sort out your employee events calendar, ensure that your communications channels are engaging your employees or clean up that communications strategy that got abandoned by the wayside 5 years ago.

As a creative individual, I can help you put together this year’s family newsletter, create those personalized greeting cards from your cat, or that funky header for your soon-to-be-world-famous website.

So what I’m saying is – no job too small, no challenge too big.

Email me at anyinkling@hotmail.com with your requirements and I’ll email you right back with a quote and suitable timeline.

Try me, the rates are reasonable, and the quality of work will speak for itself.