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It’s been slow on the blog lately I know. This is mostly because I went and got myself a little box of watercolours and can’t seem to get enough of playing with it! The output hasn’t really been anything to write home about, but it’s early days and I’m finding it quite relaxing to just mess around. Here are some attempts. They’re all pretty tiny since I have come to realise how expensive watercolour paper is and am just cutting little practice pieces to try different things on without running through my stash too quickly. More as this little experiment develops.

And We’re Back!

Back from a nice long trip back to the homeworld, which is where we got a picture of this little fella. This picture really encapsulates the heat and colour of Karachi for me – and the ubiquitous mynah with it’s cocky attitude really drives it home, so to speak.

Will share more findings from Pakistan soon, for now I’m busy holding on to the thought of 34 C temperatures while looking out the window at the chilly UK rain.