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Swimmin’ Together

I have a series of designs like this that remind me of tribal tattoos, but a little more organic. I love the simplicity of the style and the way a couple of wiggly lines can come together and make a picture.

I think it’s a nice idea for logos, where you want to be simple, quickly understood and easily replicated. I have a sample logo in the portfolio that works well in a similar fashion, and quite a few in my notebooks. Fun!

Good Design is Simple

I have a tendency to overdo things. I work fast, but then don’t know when to just stop. Consequently the over thinking, over working and sometimes plain messy outcomes. It’s like when you stay at a party for that crucial half hour longer than you should have, and a perfectly lovely evening gets, well, messy is the word. So I’ve been trying to practice some simple designs  just for my own development,  inspired by the trends around us,in the few spare minutes I can manage.

Hopefully, some of the lessons and ideas will stick when it comes time to Do Things.


For the Journey

Today’s illustrative moment of Zen.


An Ideal Bookshelf

A combination of my love for all things bookish and whimsical painterly designs – is a fun project by Jane Mount. According to her site ‘Jane paints portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books: the ones that changed your life, that defined who you are, that you read again and again’ – how wonderful is that? And though initially part of a larger project, Jane now has an online shop and will paint your books or you can buy prints of other sets in her shop. Do check it out.

Shabby Chic

Loving the ‘shabby chic’ look – have the shabby down, just need some chic in life.

And explaining it all is Emily Peck, Editor, ACHICALiving.com – check it out and see all the lovely photos!

Summer Approaches