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Morning Sunshine

So after a few restless nights and a couple of hours of tossing and turning, I finally passed out late last night and was looking forward to sleeping in today…

You already know how this goes, don’t you?

Yep. Lily decided that a pre-dawn raid on the garden was crucial to today’s strategy, jumping up on the bed and prying my sleeping form up out of my warm little hollow with her muzzle. She punctuated these attempts with yips and grumblings, clearly translatable as lectures about seizing the day, early birds, my being a lazy bum and something about vagrant cats getting a head start.

Well. She’s nothing if not pushy, our Lily. So I hauled myself up and out of bed, staggered downstairs, let her out to do the needful and came to terms with the morning having started earlier than planned. May as well make the most of it, eh? So I got to the washing up, putting in the laundry, swept the living room etc., got to my desk, started organising the day’s workload…..and after a while I realised that though Lily had come back in, she’d been conspicuously undemanding – in fact, I hadn’t heard a peep out of her for over an hour.


So I went to look for her – she was not anywhere downstairs or outside…and then it dawned on me (the words that accompanied this dawning I will not sully my little blog with) and I marched upstairs and sure enough, madam was curled up in my bed, fast asleep.



Lily and I always seem to discover new things on our walks, even though we take, what are by now, long familiar routes. Lily’s interests are fairly olfactory though she does enjoy listening for other dogs barking and watching out for the odd cat that may happen to saunter past. I quite enjoy seeing things I haven’t  come across before, as well as appreciating cool winds on hot days, rays of sunshine on cool ones, the smells of the countryside, new flora and fauna, etc. – we are happy wanderers on most days. I also love meeting people and having conversations in passing, lives criss-crossing as you go – it seems the nicest of human interaction, no expectation, no formality, just a few words, happily exchanged.

I thought I’d share some of what we’ve experiences on our walks this week.

Day before yesterday, in the field that the cows are usually hanging out in, we saw a drove of pigs – something I’d never seen before. They ambled across towards us and flopped down into a muddy pond – and it is with great pleasure and an inordinate sense of satisfaction that I can report  that the saying ‘as happy as a pig in the mud’ is well based in fact.






Not so much a discovery as a little ‘wow’ moment for me, but I saw, for the first time ever, a combine harvester harvesting (well, obviously) the wheat field! I’ve been walking past this field every day from when the field was fallow, to when it was tilled in preparation for the seeds, to when it began to grow into a tall green sea of waving stalks. And all through summer as it’s slowly turned to gold, heads heavy with the weight of the grain and started to bend gently, back towards the ground. So yeah, big moment for me and I’m glad I got to see it. As Lily and I walked past I found myself whistling a tune. Click the picture to hear what the song was, teehee.





This last discovery is a bit of an old one, but Ms.Lily here feels that since it’s really because of her that we go for walks at all, that she should get to have her absolute favourite discovery in the list.

Fox poo is the Chanel No.5 of the dog world.


And if you can’t roll in fox poo, ’tis better not to roll at all.

The End.

Lovely Lilies

Because you deserve some flowers today.


These guys are just lovely in life – their wings in flight, flashing their distinctive bold black and white colouring, are just gorgeous to see. I remember them pecking around our back garden in Lahore many years ago.

I do miss them – and that garden.

For the Journey

Today’s illustrative moment of Zen.


Hedgehog in the Fog

I have discovered something wonderful today! An animated Russian classic from 1975. What a marvellous, poetic little story. And one featuring my dear little friend, the hedgehog!

As Michelle Aldredge, a writer and photographer, says on her blog Gwarlingo.: “If you’ve never seen Yuriy Norshteyn’s Hedgehog in the Fog, then you are in for a special treat. And if you have seen it, you owe it to yourself to revisit this classic, animated film”. Go on, you can spare 10 minutes! To learn more, take a look at Michelle’s blog where she expands on the background and the creator of this little gem.

Flower Tag Templates








Not sure if this will work, but thought I’d try adding a couple of templates for tags you can (hypothetically) download. Okay, so they’re a bit rubbish, but it’s early days I tell you! I will evolve!

Scraps of Colour

So I’m still using scrap pieces of paper and spare bits of time to play with my watercolours. Sadly, I still lack the skills to render ‘Mind-blowing Artwork that Will Rock the Planet’, but I must say it’s a nice little bit of stress relief for the perpetually anxiety ridden.  

Also, this – about the badgers. The whole business is making me very sad indeed.


It’s been slow on the blog lately I know. This is mostly because I went and got myself a little box of watercolours and can’t seem to get enough of playing with it! The output hasn’t really been anything to write home about, but it’s early days and I’m finding it quite relaxing to just mess around. Here are some attempts. They’re all pretty tiny since I have come to realise how expensive watercolour paper is and am just cutting little practice pieces to try different things on without running through my stash too quickly. More as this little experiment develops.

Watercolor Wonders

I do adore watercolours, and every so often (usually prompted by Pinterest) I’ll go out onto the vast plains of Google to track down some that make be happy. Yesterday’s find was so fantastic that I had to share the treasure trove with you. It’s the work of a brilliant illustrator by the name of Penelope P. Neal. Do check out her blog, linked below and her work, it’s all so lovely!