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Playing with Patterns

Like my little friends here, I have been scurrying around a fair bit – but I have found the time to experiment with pattern-making lately. Sadly, the one person in my life who would’ve appreciated these efforts the most is no longer with us – but every pattern that emerges from these humble efforts is dedicated to my one and only maasi, pyaari maasi.

And I know she’d have gotten a kick out of these little fellas – hope you do too.!

It’s a Bird!

Well actually, it was a crane. And it landed in the backyard today, wings outstretched – looked around and then took off again. So, obviously I took it as my inspiration of the day and attempted to recreate the image as best I could for the last exercise of the evening.

So now he resides on the right (what do you think?), and will be welcoming you every time you come in for a landing.