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Communication Strategy – Crisis Communications.

Great article on having a crisis communication plan in place from Mandy Brown at ‘A List Apart’.


Color my Business

I’ve had some pretty soul-sucking debates with clients who seem adamant that day-glo orange is the way to go for their brand, or a particularly eye-searing shade of red is just perfect for their brochure – umm, readability anyone?

Colors have their own psychology and a little awareness of this fact can go a long way with creating a brand experience that is lasting and a genuine reflection of your business.

I’m hoping to collect some articles on and around the subject so do check back on this post as it develops. For now, some gentle nudging.

Design Crowd has this great article on color palettes suitable for various organizational personalities – do check it out: Business Color Palettes – How to Create a Color Palette that Reflects Your Business.

Tina Zennand also has an article on a related topic: Colors in Web Design: Choosing the Right Combination for Your Website, and she shares some great examples of color use.

Also, if in a bind for color palette inspiration, check out Kuler for some ideas.

Helping Out

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer considered a luxury by companies. And whether you’re an individual or a large multinational, concerned with your conscience or just your bottom-line, incorporating a strategy to help the world around you is A Good Thing.

And even though Communication by Design is a fledgling enterprise at best, I’m happy to report that we’ve made our first CSR commitment to Naya Jeevan, an organization providing quality healthcare to the working poor.

Communication by Design will be helping out the Naya Jeevan team with promotional material design as well as giving their newsletter a new look. Check in soon to see what develops, and do take a look at Naya Jeevan‘s work and give if you can.


Yes, designers shudder at its name while managers can’t do without it – PowerPoint!

I generally feel PP gets a bad rap, and here’s the reason why:

1. You

Take a look at this great presentation on mistakes to avoid. Please. Or get a hold of me, I’ll put your presentation together for you. It’s a useful tool for communication, but also a handy device for torture. Spare your team and do it right.

Internal Communications

So, ‘Internal Communications, eh? An Australian brand experience company, ABT, put this little nugget together:

Need a little help with your company’s internal communications strategy? I can help you review and consolidate your current strategy as well as assist you to create a new one designed to suit your company’s unique needs.

Need advice on how to make the most of current communications channels or create new ones? Or perhaps you’re concerned with employee motivation?

Again, I can help you find the ideas and solutions that will suit you best.

Oh, and I also do Power Point 😉