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Siamese Fighting Fish

Remember these guys? At one point almost every little kid got a thrill out of having one of these gorgeous fellas in their fishtank.

Here’s their Wikipedia entry if you want to know more about these colourful (in more ways than one) characters.

Book Tree

Doodle from the other day.

Scraps of Colour

So I’m still using scrap pieces of paper and spare bits of time to play with my watercolours. Sadly, I still lack the skills to render ‘Mind-blowing Artwork that Will Rock the Planet’, but I must say it’s a nice little bit of stress relief for the perpetually anxiety ridden.  

Also, this – about the badgers. The whole business is making me very sad indeed.


It’s been slow on the blog lately I know. This is mostly because I went and got myself a little box of watercolours and can’t seem to get enough of playing with it! The output hasn’t really been anything to write home about, but it’s early days and I’m finding it quite relaxing to just mess around. Here are some attempts. They’re all pretty tiny since I have come to realise how expensive watercolour paper is and am just cutting little practice pieces to try different things on without running through my stash too quickly. More as this little experiment develops.

Watercolor Wonders

I do adore watercolours, and every so often (usually prompted by Pinterest) I’ll go out onto the vast plains of Google to track down some that make be happy. Yesterday’s find was so fantastic that I had to share the treasure trove with you. It’s the work of a brilliant illustrator by the name of Penelope P. Neal. Do check out her blog, linked below and her work, it’s all so lovely!

Watercolor Inspiration


I love Yan Nascimbene’s beautiful watercolour illustrations. My mad love for watercolours aside, his work has a striking simplicity about it and rarely fails to strike a poignant note.

A prolific and much respected illustrator, Nascimbene’s illustrations have appeared in  Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, the New Yorker, Boston Globe, Toronto Life, Scientific American, Atlantic Monthly, Hemispheres, and more. Do check out his website portfolio.