Monthly Archives: January 2012


A dramatic ram. It’s making me think of Aries…would be fun to do a series with the star signs, but I doubt it’ll happen unless I’m suddenly overstocked with free time and energy!


Animal Crackers

I was intending to do a whole series with some different animal groups and dog breeds but just haven’t had the time lately. So here is a preview, will hopefully polish these off soon and add some more.


Stylized Swirls by Si

The wonderful work of Si Scott has been around on the interweb for a while, yet every time I come across one of his pieces I am completely bowled over. You’d think swirls would feel done to death, but a swirl in Si’s hand is the stuff of magic.  Do click through and check out his extensive portfolio.


Illustration Inspiration

I am loving the work of illustrator Nidhi Chanani, a freelance artist and illustrator currently residing in San Francisco. Born in Calcutta and raised in suburban California, she creates the sweetest illustrations. I think I have an especially soft corner for them since a number feature a brown girl with a ginger headed boy! Now just replace a couple of cute little kitties with a fluffy little Westie and ta dah!

Do click through the illustration below and wander around her lovely website – don’t miss the portfolio!

Self Reflection

Always a dark process it seems.

Watercolor Inspiration


I love Yan Nascimbene’s beautiful watercolour illustrations. My mad love for watercolours aside, his work has a striking simplicity about it and rarely fails to strike a poignant note.

A prolific and much respected illustrator, Nascimbene’s illustrations have appeared in  Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, the New Yorker, Boston Globe, Toronto Life, Scientific American, Atlantic Monthly, Hemispheres, and more. Do check out his website portfolio.

A Disney Do-Over

What would your favourite Disney Princesses look like if they were a bit more fleshed out? I’ve come across this lovely collection by Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish graphic design student based in Bournemouth, UK a few times via Twitter and Facebook, and thought I’d share it here for any of you who may have missed it. Click through the picture to check out the whole collection and the rest of the artist’s portfolio.

The Website Design Experience

So here’s what happens…..


This brilliant post was sent across by a friend who felt it encapsulated our recent website design experience.

You can also purchase this hilarious poster, details towards the bottom of the page (once you click through).

Timeline Covers

Facebook’s timeline is picking up momentum, and I’m looking forward to seeing how my more creative friends use this space to reflect their personalities. Dimensions for the timeline cover are 850×315 px, and if you run a quick Google search you’ll find lots of sites with helpful tips like this one. If graphics and illustration aren’t your thing don’t worry – loads of websites are cropping up to provide wallpaper that suits your purposes, you can check some of them out right here. Hopefully, I’ll get to tackling my cover space soon, in the meanwhile a place-saver will have to do.


Infographics 2011

I love infographics. I think they’re such a fantastic way of presenting otherwise tedious information in a visually engaging way. I wish more companies would use them on their websites, reports etc. Must try my hand at a couple of these. In the meantime, do check out Christian Vasile’s 25 Best from 2011 [click on image].