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Lovely Lilies

Because you deserve some flowers today.

Flower Tag Templates








Not sure if this will work, but thought I’d try adding a couple of templates for tags you can (hypothetically) download. Okay, so they’re a bit rubbish, but it’s early days I tell you! I will evolve!

Garden Visitors – A Mixed Bag

Some mamas and papas, some little wee ones, a blurry great-tit, a frog and some smelly flowers (the one on the left smells better than the one on the right, teehee).

Mr.& Mrs.Sparrow

Bathing Babies

Ruminating Robin

Baby Robins

The ever-so-quick Great Tit


Smelly Flowers

Summer Shades

Days like this….


Having some fun with a whimsical floral – have been seeing so many lovely illustrations and patterns in this style lately that I feel I must give it a go. Seems to fit in well with all the doodling I do!