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Doggie Paddle

I’m loving this underwater dog series from photographer Seth Casteel that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook. Do click through, check it out and give him some virtual applause.





Looking Up

How fantastic was Pixar’s ‘Up’? Even my man, with not one romantic bone in his gruff body, was unable to resist acknowledging its awesomeness. Apparently some folks in Utah found it so fantastic they built a replica of the house where Carl and Ellie lived. According to the Guardian piece, “It was built by designer Adam Bangerter and features every possible detail from the movie, including a blue kitchen complete with retro fridge, microwave and oven.” Fun!

The adorable Lisa and Geoff from Sacramento had the pleasure of having a super-cute photoshoot for their anniversary there and you can see their photos by clicking through on the photo above. It’ll make you smile.

Summer Shades

Days like this….

Catnap on a Sunny Afternoon

Don’t you just love afternoons like these?